Classifications - Stereo type

As technology takes over the world in this modern world, the population have also started to become increasingly judgemental with stereo types and classifying each type of individual into a category.

Sluts, druggies, nerds, geeks, hotties, jerks, whores, prostitutes, emo, buff, weak…etc the list is endless. 

What has happened to the simple minded children that could make friends with everyone no matter who that person is?

Now a days when you first see some one:
1) the first thing you do is checkout their appearance.
2) find one of the above categories to put them in.
3) decide whether they’re worthy enough to be your friend or not.

But, really does it matter who they are? As long as they are nice and friendly. What’s the matter?

Unfortunately ,its not that simple. Along with those titles it comes with descriptions.  If you’re categorised as a slut then you’re a bitch. or if you’re a nerd you’re boring. What happened to not judge a book by its cover? So people begin to use this information and this makes them unwilling to befriend people.

And i’m not saying i’ve got anything agaisnt you guys, because to be honest everyone judges. So do I. I just think that life would be so much more simple without us being categorised?

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  • Posted: 26 November 2011